Theory + Demonstration

4 hours




Part 1:

Photoshop tools, their functions and work algorithms.
Preparing the image for processing.
Layers and types of their superposition.
Work with adjustment layers.
The concept of "mask-layer" and ways of working with masks.
Workspaces (RGB, CMYK, Lab)
Working with gradients and ways to use them.

Part 2:

Light retouching.
Drawing the light volume.
Drawing light relief.
Controlling the direction of light sources.
Control of light contrast.
Create the maximum volumetric image.
Arrangement of light accents in a portrait, a landscape, a still-life.

Part 3:

Create clean colors.
Create the color volume of the shot.
Create a color contrast of the image.
Full control of color space.
Work with color reflections.
Creating a color harmony.

Part 4:

Aesthetic elements.
Control of shot sharpness.
Control of shot blur.
Methods for compensating optical, geometric, aesthetic distortions in the shot.
Aesthetic changes with the help of adjustment layers.
Drawing light and color accents on clothing and space.